$2 Million Settlement – Roadway Design – Pedestrian Crossing

Roadway design – pedestrian Crossing The plaintiff was crossing the street at a marked crosswalk, with a green light. The crosswalk is in the middle of a block with the signal for cars to stop is at the end of the block. She was hit by a car and seriously injured and confidential settlements were reached with the designers.  

$1 Million Policy Limits Settlement – Wrongful Death of Bicyclist

 Wrongful death of Bicyclist The decedent was riding his bicycle when he was hit by a truck. He was killed, leaving a wife and two children. The insurance policy limits of $1 million were tendered shortly after the claim was made.ed a serious injury and confidential settlements were reached with the tire manufacturer and retailer.  

$2 Million Settlement – SUV Tire Failure

$2 million settlement – SUV tire failure Plaintiff was a victim of a rollover motor vehicle accident which resulted from one of the tires on the vehicle in which she was riding coming apart. Investigation revealed that the tire had a manufacturing defect, and had been improperly repaired. She sustained a serious injury and confidential settlements were reached with the …

$14 million recovered – Woman severely injured on roadway

A woman who was severely injured 56-year-old woman was traveling on an expressway when her motor home suddenly lost its fuel tank. The fuel fire that developed led to the death of her husband. She was ejected and broken bones throughout her entire body suffered internal injuries and a head injury. The firm settled the woman’s claims for $14 million …

$1,490,000 Jury Verdict – Car Crash

$1,490,000 Jury verdict – car crash – Insurer’s bad faith results in recovery of $1,275,000 where policy limits were $100,000 –  Bradley Winston, Esq. Plaintiff was a victim of a motor vehicle accident who sustained a back injury following a relatively minor rear end collision. Approximately six months later Plaintiff underwent surgery to low back. The plaintiff’s insurance company failed …