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Notable Results

Roadway Construction Site Accident – Seventeen year old auto passenger suffered brain injury when the car lost control and hit a tree because of standing water in the roadway. $5.75 million recovered.
Bradley Winston, Esq.
Client was riding in her boyfriend’s car when a large puddle in the road caused the driver in the next lane to cut them off.  The puddle was caused by roadway construction contractors and engineers closing the drainage system during the rainy season.

Car Accident – Man recovering from knee replacement surgery reinjured  in crash
Bradley Winston, Esq.
Man had a knee replacement surgery 3 weeks before.  He was being taken to work by a home health aid when the car was involved in an intersection collision.  The knee incision burst open again and the implant became infected.

Woman who was severely injured due to defective motor home when fuel tank fell out on roadway – $14 million recovered
Bradley Winston, Esq.
56-year-old woman was traveling on an expressway when her motor home suddenly lost its fuel tank. The fuel fire that developed led to the death of her husband. She was ejected and broke bones throughout her entire body, suffered internal injuries and a head injury. The firm settled the woman’s claims for $14 million approximately one month prior to trial.

Small business sustains fire loss – Jury Verdicts and settlements over $9.5 million
Bradley Winston, Esq.
A large shopping mall burned down in September, 1997. Mr. Winston represented one of the tenants, a small software development company, and achieved an award on appeal after a jury verdict against the client’s insurer, Britamco, and court also ordered Britamco to pay the client’s attorneys fee for the trial and the appeal. After the insurance was exhausted, Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer, Bradley Winston continued to pursue the mall’s owners and insurers and obtained total court awards and settlements for his client alone in excess of $1.5 million. The claims against the parties that caused the fire, allowed it to spread, and their insurance company for bad faith and spoliation of evidence were part of approximately $9.5 million in settlements achieved by Mr. Winston as one of the the four attorneys for all of the tenants (the “Plaintiffs’ Legal Committee”).

$675,000 Jury Verdict for landlord defrauded of rent by property manager
Bradley Winston, Esq.
A major Las Vegas and Biloxi casino owner purchased a large office building in south Florida as an investment. The property manager lied about how many square feet were rented to a tenant, who was eventually evicted for nonpayment of the rent on their extra space. After a hotly contested 3 week trial, the jury found that the property manager committed fraud on the landlord and awarded $675,000 as damages. The award was affirmed on appeal.

Motorcyclist loses limb and suffers internal injuries in accident, medical providers’ negligence during treatment renders motorcyclist quadriplegic, settlements obtained exceeding $6 million
Bradley Winston, Esq.
Claimant was a 19 year-old involved in a motorcycle accident on March 29, 2003 when he was struck and then partially run over by a truck. While treating for these injuries, Mr. O was given excessive amounts of sedatives, narcotic pain relievers and anesthesia by his treating physicians which caused him to go into shock and led to permanent brain damage. The insurer for the truck driver tendered its $1 million policy. The medical providers have also paid over $3 million in settlements with an additional $2 million claims bill pending with the Florida Legislature. The funds recovered have allowed Mr. O to obtain the care he needs for the rest of his life and for his mother to devote herself exclusively to his care.

Firm obtains settlement of $200,000 OVER Doctor’s $250,000 insurance policy
Bradley Winston, Esq.
Baby girl was born with rare heart defect – Medical Malpractice – surgical repair botched – $450,000 recovered after new trial was affirmed on appeal. She lost this case at trial because the doctor lied, and his own expert pointed that out in trial. The judge ordered a new trial, and the doctor appealed. The doctor’s insurance company never offered a penny to settle until the new trial was upheld on appeal. Shortly before the second trial, the insurance company settled with the family. The little girl is now 10 years old and doing well.

Building collapse in Hobe Sound, Florida results in deaths of two illegal immigrants hired as construction laborers on the site – $5 million recovered prior to trial
Janet Peralta Lucente, Esq.
A townhouse building under construction in Hobe Sound, Florida suddenly collapsed killing two illegal immigrants hired to work on the project. Each man had children in Mexico they were supporting prior to their death. Following months of extensive discovery the negligent parties paid $5 million to settle the claims.

Security guard at hospital chokes man visiting hospital causing him brain damage. $2.3 million settlements obtained
Bradley Winston, Esq.
John Rowe went to the emergency room at Broward General Medical Center, feeling depressed. He was suicidal. After waiting several hours to be seen, he decided to leave to go home with his mother. Two Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies, two Fort Lauderdale policemen and two hospital orderlies physically subdued him and improperly used a choke hold. Mr. Rowe lapsed into a coma, and then died two years later. The various hospitals, institutions and agencies ultimately paid $2.3 million in settlements to resolve the extensive civil rights litigation in both state and federal courts.

Retired woman slips and falls in parking lot due to improper lighting. Jury verdict of $348,000 obtained
Bradley Winston, Esq.
68 year-old woman tripped and fell in the parking lot of a shopping plaza causing a torn knee cartilage and a broken elbow. The insurer for the owner of the parking lot offered $75,000.00 prior to trial. Following trial, the jury awarded $348,000.00.

Passenger on motorcycle suffers head injury in accident with automobile. $1.35 million recovered
Bradley Winston, Esq.
Jane Doe was riding as a passenger on a motorcycle that was involved in an accident. Her injuries resulted in several weeks of hospital treatment while she was in a semi-conscious state for several fractures and a closed head injury. The insurer for the automobile driver and the insurers for the young lady paid policy limits totaling $1.35 million within a few months of the crash.

Child shot in eye by b.b. gun wielded by another child. Recovery of $600,000
Alexander Clark, Esq. and Bradley Winston, Esq.
Johnny Doe, 17 years old, was at a friend’s home when he was shot in the right eye with a b.b. gun being handled by another minor child. Johnny’s eye suffered permanent vision loss as a result. The insurer for the parents of the bb gun shooter paid $600,000 to settle Johnny’s claim prior to trial.

Firm obtains settlement over $1.25 million for victim of slip and fall in home improvement store
Bradley Winston, Esq.
36-year-old woman slipped and fell on a packing strip left on the ground and jammed her finger into shelving while breaking her fall. As a result of her trauma, she developed reflex sympathetic dystrophy which spread to her other extremities and prevented her from leading a normal life. Prior to trial, the home improvement store paid $1.25 million as settlement.

Man killed on Palmetto Expressway after walking onto highway from adjacent bar. Settlement of $500,00 recovered from several negligent parties
Janet Peralta Lucente, Esq.
John Doe, an alcoholic was served an excessive amount of liquor during a short time. He was ejected from the bar by security once he no longer had any cash. Doe got into an altercation with the security staff then gained access to the Palmetto Expressway due to construction adjacent to the bar and highway. Doe was struck and killed by an oncoming vehicle. Recovery was made from a contractor involved in the construction based on failure to maintain an adequate fence or barrier preventing Doe from accessing the highway. Settlement was also obtained from the bar owner for serving a known alcoholic and failure to take appropriate steps to try and ensure Doe’s safe return home.

$1.2 million verdict obtained at trial against City of Hollywood who employed driver of truck causing head-on accident
Bradley Winston, Esq.
Ronald Miller was a 40-year old man driving his pickup truck north on Federal Highway when a city employee crashed a city-owned truck head-on into his vehicle. Miller’s vehicle was totaled and he suffered neck injuries and ligament and cartilage tears in both knees. The city offered to settle for $49,000 prior to trial. After a three-day trial and less than an hour of deliberations, the jury returned a $1.2 million verdict.

Man suffers injury when foot is crushed by vehicle at auto auction. Jury returns verdict for $250,000
Bradley Winston, Esq.
Plaintiff was an owner of a vehicle being sold at an auto auction. An employee for the auction location negligently drove Plaintiff’s car over his foot which caused him to fall to the ground and suffer further injury to his shoulder and knee. Plaintiff underwent surgical treatment. Following trial, the jury returned a verdict of $250,000.

Motorcyclist injured when automobile driver violated right of way. $1.1 million recovered
Bradley Winston, Esq.
Adult male plaintiff was driving his motorcycle when another driver caused a violent crash such that the motorcycle collided with the passenger side of the vehicle. The passenger in the vehicle suffered fatal injuries. The motorcyclist suffered a broken hand and multiple severe internal injuries. The insurers for the automobile driver paid their policy limits of $1.1 million to settle the claim before suit.

Insurer’s bad faith results in recovery of $465,000 where policy limits were $65,000 Alexander Clark, Esq. and Bradley Winston, Esq.
Todd Vandenberg was in his early 20’s when he was stuck by a car while riding a rented Harley Davidson motorcycle. He suffered a badly crushed foot, but the insurance available was only $65,000. The insurance company eventually paid $465,000 to settle the claim.

Policy limits of $1 million obtained 2 months after automobile accident causing adult male mild traumatic brain injury
Janet Peralta Lucente, Esq.
Colombian born adult male was the victim of a violent rear-end crash when a tractor-trailer rig rear-ended him on I-95 as he slowed down for a stalled vehicle. The impact crushed the van driven by the Colombian male so severely that only half of the van remained intact. The driver of the van suffered a closed head injury resulting in moderate brain damage and cognitive deficits. The insurer for the tractor-trailer rig tendered its policy limits of $1 million within two months of the date of the crash.

Insurer’s bad faith results in recovery of $300,000 where policy limits were $15,000
Bradley Winston, Esq.
Plaintiff was a victim of a motor vehicle accident who sustained multiple fractures and 2 collapsed lungs following a roll-over accident. Plaintiff underwent surgery to his knee and spine. The insurer for the driver of the vehicle that struck the Plaintiff failed to tender its $15,000 policy limits despite having been given ample opportunity to do so. As a result, the firm recovered $300,000 as settlement from the insurer due to its bad faith in failing to settle the case within its policy limits when it could have and should have done so.

$1 million verdict obtained from obstetrician who caused broken collarbone during delivery
Bradley Winston, Esq.
Infant girl was born with broken collarbone and stretched nerves between the neck and shoulder. She underwent over 10 surgical procedures to increase the range of motion in her arm and shoulder. Following a four-day trial, the jury delivered a $1 million verdict.

Pre-teen girl sexually molested by maintenance man at apartment complex, $975,000 recovered as settlement
Janet Peralta Lucente, Esq.
A 12 year-old girl was the victim of sexual molestation by an adult male residing at her apartment complex who also worked as a maintenance man. Following criminal prosecution against the man by the state, a civil lawsuit for monetary damages was brought against the apartment complex for negligent hiring and retention of the maintenance man. The apartment complex settled prior to trial for $975,000.00.

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