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Fort Lauderdale hospital receives highest marks in patient safety

Posted on Thursday, June 7th, 2012 at 3:58 pm    

A hospital safety score system was recently put in place by experts from Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and the non-profit hospital safety organization, The Leapfrog Group. These experts formed a panel that rated hospitals throughout the country based on their ability to keep patients safe during their time at a hospital.

Twenty six different measures were taken into consideration when handing out letter grades to the hospitals. Some of these measures included preventable injuries to patients, ability to avoid the spread of infections, and medication errors. All of the data was compiled into one single score. These scores were represented by letter grades ranging from A to F.

Out of the 50 hospitals in South Florida that were reviewed, 25 of them received an ‘A’ letter grade. The Holy Cross and Imperial Point hospital in Fort Lauderdale was one of the hospitals that earned the highest marks in the area. There were some hospitals in South Florida that did receive failing grades, but they were given the opportunity to improve their safety standards before the grades were made official in the fall.

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